The seizure of fortune EP

by Jan Weis

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Riverine 03:50
Look at how these eyes are shining Imagine they do because of you Look at how the weather's changing Like your mood it'll do Love exudation We're all riverine Everything you buy causes trouble Cause objects refer to your mind And in your moments of stillness Silence you won't find Detach from all what's useless And kiss some lips instead If you don't kiss enough, dear Someday it'll make you sad Love exudation We're all riverine Flow your dry arroyo Obey your wildest stream Kissing means you're living Kisses be your guide And some time when you're fragile It'll repair your broken heart
Lady I'm sick of all this travelling Lady I'm sick of waiting around Let's rent a flat somewhere in the mountains And put our feet on together's ground If I die now you won't know how to find me And those lonely evenings when nobody's there Soon when the springtime mingles with feelings We'll miss so much that we'll have to share Oh I'd love to kiss in the morning And to caress you with a smile Instead of weather by this monotony But all I know – it may take a while Oh how I crave for your similing It's time to wipe those tears away I cried too much as you were somewhere We need some room right here to stay If you feel bad and you're down on your knees I'm sure I would help if I'd just find me a road that'll take me to you, dear But see now it's not that good for us Oh let me beg like I am hopeless Let me sing these songs of blue Our time on earth is shorter than knowing |:For all I know is loving you:|
Crossroads 03:01
He’s been attracted by Another sad tune That’ll help him cry His helplessness, life’s asking “why” Sounds arrogant But never mind Yes he has to die Life’s a trembling lullabye Life is another lie Another reason to cry Another low on high Without a reason why Without whiskey and rhye Just another tie He seizes upon uselessness To no purpose He’d been born to this earth Talked some suicide, but never got that far Now he’s yelling Big stories at the walls Cho Oh since he’d been left alone By his babydoll He started poppin pills And now if there’s a chance for him to regenerate By the way I think it is too late Forlorn this mate!
My mother is the earth and my father is the sky And above, they're all in me meanwhile My sister goes by moonlight And my brother is the sun Someday I talk to him until she comes And You you with your sorrows You stockpiling too much Let go and touch my mother My father told me such
Gather round the ancient stone tonight meaningful it is. Just stare and watch it lying transcending into bliss And we hold the secret fear Cause we charmed the snake at dawn Agree with the moments given you Until the doorways into past And those to future disappear And only this one lasts And we draw our path between And believe in what we've seen Unicorns are there to make amends And angels to transmit Language from some higher sphere So don't you think just sit And we move on like we're dumb Unicorns...forgotten ones Words once were objects once were tools Before they became words Now you could no longer talk like that Of hidden paths and sacred birds And we are so sure of truth But we still fight ourselves Here's some advice from outer space The great snake told me that You've got the key to travel light And act like Mohammed And then watch you disappear Into bliss, into no fear
Did you hear the fire whistling Around your wooden home Did you feel the warmth get to you While you were cold way to the bone See what's happening was nothing special Was nothing you would understand They burn you because you're finished And you had nothing to defend What's wrong with dying? Well what is not In case you haven't lived before!? Well if you haven't lived a good life Sweet death won't be to sore! You earned what's happening says some wise man Because your Karma took you there Well what is Karma you'd add quickly If I was meant to not take care


released April 22, 2017

Words and Music by Jan Weis. Recorded by Jan Weis in March 2017.


all rights reserved



Jan Weis Germany

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